Bulldog Blitz

The 2015 Fresno State Men's Football Season saw the public launch of "The Bulldog Blitz". The Bulldog Blitz is the first all-female professional demo skydiving team associated with any collegiate or major league sports franchise. The team consists of four Level D Stadium skydivers. Jumping from an altitude of 7,000 feet, they reach speeds of up to 125 mph, before opening their parachutes and descending into Bulldog Stadium at each Home Game. The team was greeted by fans who had missed the skydiving performances at the stadium as the last jump occurred 15 years ago. The student and fan buy-in was huge and the team quickly became part of the Bulldog Family.

Advertisers have included Thiel Air Care, JetsPlus Aircraft Charter & Management, Madera Parachute Center, Team Worldwide Shipping, and Harris Farms. The team jumped all six home games and carried the American Flag into each of the games as part of the pre-game presentation. Advertisers also have in-stadium mentions, JumboTron recognition in a custom pre-jump intro video and national attention on CBSSports, ESPN and MountainWest Network through the implementation of earned media. The team has jumped with CBSSN sideline reporter, Cassie Gallo. This jump generated over 7 minutes of b-roll content integration and commentary during the nationally televised broadcast of that evenings game. The team uses custom rigging to carry flags and banners, as well as LED lighting to illuminate their canopies during night games. A smoke plane was also used during daylight games to draw attention to them as they made their way into Bulldog Stadium, cutting through the skies over California. Nighttime sparklers and pyrotechnics are also available dependent upon weather and location conditions.