skylights aerial led billboard

SkyLIGHTS by Boling Air Media offers a unique new to market LED aerial billboard with realtime editing capabilities.

Boling Air Media is pleased to offer the first fixed wing Aerial LED billboard with real time editing capabilities over California. The system utilizes a low idle, quiet engine aircraft; capable of slow flying at a height of 1000 feet above ground level. The sign is 8 feet by 36 feet and features 252 LED's that operate on a custom computer interface that mimics old marquee style light bulb type message boards. The systems can scroll, flash and steady your message or simple company logo in an effective and memorable way.

Combined with this technology is the new ability to edit the message in real time from our smart phones and tablet devices. The aircraft and computer system for the billboard utilizes an encrypted VPN air to ground signal and allows for instantaneous change out of the current message. This feature is great for drive time traffic reporting and large outdoor stadium events allowing your brands message to deliver news to individuals within eyesight of the billboard live. Imagine being able to highlight a teams touchdown and show the current score to tailgating fans. Your brand is associated with not only convenience but also the mass recognition from the event.

SkyLIGHTS By Boling Air Media from Chris Boling on Vimeo.