demo team skydiving

Bulldog Blitz Team Members & Fans

When you need to make a grand entrance at a major event, our all-female professional demo skydiving is very hard to beat.

In August of 2015, our all-female professional demo skydiving team jumped into California State University, Fresno Bulldog Football Stadium as The Bulldog Blitz. The ladies did a fantastic job, jumping into all 6 home NCAA Division 1 mens football games during the 2015 season. The team quickly captured the attention and hearts of fans all over, and that created a huge impression. Day jumps included smoke planes flying smoke rings to attract attention up to the sky and onto the ladies. Night games during the season included the use of custom canopy LED illumination to highlight the team as they made their way through the night sky. The stadium jumbotron featured a custom video advertisement featuring the team and sponsors/advertisers during each jump as well.

Besides jumping into the events the team also has the capability to carry flags and be part of the show. Major venues are always looking for ways to better engage the audience in the show experience. Our all-female skydiving is very hard to beat when it comes to generating that perfect impression. The team jumps in identical suits featuring high end embroidery and branding of all sponsors and advertisers. The team makes themselves available post jump for fan engagement, news interviews, special appearances and autographs on a regular basis. This personal fan engagement allows for sponsor brands to be associated with the teams goodwill, popularity and likability.