thermal airship advertising

When size and impression is of the upmost importance, nothing conveys the strength of your brand like an airship.

Boling Air Media's 105,000 cubic foot Gefa-Flug thermal airship is the ultimate in out-of-home aerial advertising. Measuring an impressive 150 feet long and 65 feet tall, the airship can fly with 4 people onboard at speeds of up to 25 mph. The typical cruising altitude is 1000 feet above ground level. Although it is possible to carry passengers; for advertising purposes we recommend the flight crew of 2 pilots plus additional fuel to extend the in air time. Recently our Gefa-Flug "Airship Alex" flew a record breaking 7+ hour flight, marking the longest single inflation flight over California in a thermal airship.

Airship Alex is no stranger to record breaking. Alex, also became the first airship to be affiliated with any major or collegiate team in the World back in August of 2015 when it took on the call-sign Bulldog1. The airship now flies as Bulldog1 for California State University, Fresno. Bulldog1 promotes a wide range of athletics programs, while co-branding with select advertising partners. Bulldog1 was also part of a record breaking skydive, when Bulldog Blitz Team Captain Amy performed a skydiving jump from the blimp. Not only was Amy the first person in the US to jump from a thermal airship, but she was also the second person in the World and the first female in the World.