Frequently asked questions

Q. How Effective Is a Blimp for Advertising?

While flying over densely populated areas, retail centers or special events, or while moving slowly through metropolitan backgrounds, the airship is visible to tens of thousands of people or more, who otherwise may not be reached with traditional brand messaging. In a short time an airship can accomplish lasting impressions that might otherwise take years of traditional advertising. Studies show that the retention/recall rate of an airship is upwards of 80% - completely unrivaled by any form of traditional advertising. People simply can not ignore an airship when it's flying overhead. Bayer Pharmaceuticals recently concluded a 110 hour world tour. That tour yielded over 20 million confirmed impressions. The rates for a typical 100 hour campaign could deliver a CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) as low as $27.

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Q. What's The Cost?

The airships we utilize operate at rates roughly 1/10th that of a traditional helium blimp. Our airships' construction and operations allow us to operate at those savings levels for our customers.We encourage anyone interested to contact us for a custom quoted complete package that meets the ultimate needs of the campaign.

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Q. How Long Can A Thermal Airship Stay In The Air?

Our airships feature a typical fuel payload capable of 3-5 hours of flight but can be extended by substituting seating for fuel cells as needed. We also hold the record for longest thermal airship flight over California.

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Q. How High Do Your Ads Fly?

We typically fly between 1,000 and 1,500 feet above ground level, however the airship is capable of flight in excess of 15,000 feet. We don't fly at that altitude however, due to oxygen limitations.

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Q. What Are The Ideal Flight Times / Conditions?

Our airships operate best in colder temperatures, when maximum payloads are possible. Generally speaking any time the temperature goes above 92 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a loss in lift performance. As for wind conditions, we can fly in gusts up to 23 mph. Our airships also feature night lighting, making us one of the few airships in the US capable of night flight hours.

All of our other aerial medium have less restrictive weather windows and routinely fly in night and stronger wind conditions.

Our skydivers evaluate each jump prior to exiting the plane. Excessive wind and lightning are the biggest challenges here. Our team of ladies jump with custom LED equipped parachutes, so night flight isn't a problem for them.

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Q. How Fast Is The Airship?

The airship has a top speed of 30 mph, but for optimum brand exposure we fly at 15 mph.

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